Mystical Presents + Presence

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I realize that it has been several months since I have graced you with my presence. With that said, a loving hello to all you beautiful beings in the multiverse. I welcome your presence and the positive presents you have to offer myself, my soul tribe, and the world. There is so much going on that is positive, as well as negative, but I prefer to focus on all things positive and mystical.

Mystical things have been presenting themselves at a more rapid pace and I embrace them with joy. I consider myself a star seed, with a very open mind and free spirit. Presently, I have been exploring realms that in past years I had made efforts to avoid by all means, because my mind was during that time of my life, deeply programmed to do as such. Fast forward to present day, to include the last three years, that I have chosen to call “the time of reflection”, I feel like a completely different person, for the better.

Tarot cards were once something I shunned, but presently I have been studying tarot. I began watching tarot readers on different platforms and there is no turning back. I am truly excited to continue learning about tarot, utilizing it in my life, and eventually doing readings for other souls who are interested.

Healing crystals and stones have been part of my life for as long as I can remember. In my youth I gravitated towards rocks and things of that nature. I would bring rocks and shells home and keep them close to me. I brought lava rocks from Hawaii home after visiting my Grandma decades ago. I am Polynesian so it is allowed. I have concluded that I was once a geologist in a past life. Minerals are also something that I am drawn to, as well as gold, silver, copper; precious metals in general. The energy from these natural presents are just incredible to me.

The Universe, The Multiverse, The Omniverse, all of which have the same meaning in my realm, is such a complex and wonderful present and its presence unfolds in a multitude of ways. It continues to fascinate me on the daily, with downloads of truths that have been hidden from the souls that have chosen to have human experiences on this fascinating planet we call Earth. Each day that I rise and spend the beginning of my wonderful day barefoot in my garden, I see bird fairies, butterflies, bees, tiny creatures, squirrels, raccoons, and hear the songs of wildlife as I meditate and listen closely. Later in the day I enjoy the presence of the lizard elves, some of which I have little conversations with as they look at me and tilt their heads.

I encourage everyone reading this to take precious time as often as possible to be in nature, around wildlife, in the garden or yard, or wherever you find natural beauty, and just be. Sit in silence, clear your mind, imagine mystical places, take your mind to higher dimensions, and be incredibly thankful for being alive in the moment. How fortunate we are to be alive at this time, as we shed darkness and evil, and welcome love and light, and embrace all things good. Peace, love, and light.