Sustainable Living

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Sustainable living is growing by the day across the nation. It has also been a way of life for me since childhood. I do the best I can when it comes to making sustainable choices each and every day. Buying less, buying quality items over quantity, recycling, repurposing, driving less, these are just a few examples of living sustainably. What are you doing that is sustainable? Are you making thoughtful choices? I refuse to criticize yet instead share information and make suggestions to those with open ears and open minds. Sharing information and striking up valuable conversations can lead to wonderful things happening.

The elements of repurposing and up-cycling are part of my business model. I design as such and build every design with sustainability in mind. Recycled yarns and fibers, organic textiles, reclaimed garments, vintage textiles, and locally purchased materials are key factors and I will not settle for less. My latest tiny capsule of textiles consists of fashionably functional denim aprons, both bib aprons and waist aprons. Price points are $38.00 and $48.00. Limited and one-of-a-kind made of new and repurposed, organic materials. Built to last!

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