Tip Tuesday – Cocktail Party

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It’s Tip Tuesday y’all. I consider myself to be a great hostess who loves to throw parties and host social gatherings. The holiday season is here so create your to-do lists and don’t forget to include hosting an awesome party. Before you finish your party list, watch this video. I created this short video with just a few tips for throwing a cocktail party. Some of these key tips include offering reusable beverage coasters, using locally grown or home-grown citrus like lemons and limes, researching and choosing the best cocktail recipes, serving desserts and delectables such as donuts from a local independent bakery, and of course having a blast!

Eco-friendly textiles are a key element in my design process and I recently designed and made a capsule of up-cycled bib aprons and waist aprons from reclaimed denim purchased from local thrift shops. I believe sustainability involves not only repurposing and up-cycling, but also purchasing the necessary materials locally. It’s an important thought process and I am always mindful about where my raw materials come from. I also use organic cotton textiles from a reputable supplier and mix both new and reclaimed textiles in my designs to make them unique and one-of-a-kind. I proudly label my designs hand-made in The U.S.A. Please support small business over big box retailers whenever possible. Thank you!