Flashback Friday – Greensleeves

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Years ago when my small business was in its early stages, it was all about warmth and all things fleece. The first category I started designing was fleece throw blankets with graphics and appliques. I eventually added apparel and accessories and dove into the world of up-cycling. I began thrift shopping for select vintage garments and turned them into other wearables. One day I found myself creating arm warmers from vintage sweaters and became intrigued with this new concept that I had not seen before. I strive to be original and unique whenever possible. I also realized that I needed another lightweight and compact option for arm warmth as opposed to a jacket while riding around town on my commuter bicycle and this concept fit the bill. I then had to come up with a name for these arm warmers and greensleeves it was. The name sums it up, they’re green in that they’re eco-friendly and sustainable and they’re sleeves. They were a hit at my pop-up store and seasonal market shows, and also gained recognition by Entrepreneur.com and made the Indie Merchant Holiday Gift Guide for eco-friendly items for under $38.00.