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NOVEMBER is upon us and I want to share with everyone some holistic living suggestions as an alternative to guilty pleasures, processed foods, and chemical-filled body products. Self-care goes hand-in-hand with holistic living and I will share one of my favorites from my list of many. People that know me know that I truly love animals. They are therapeutic, offer comfort, and at times, are quite entertaining.

COLD-PRESSED JUICE is a great way to start your day. I have been juicing at home as well as supporting small businesses in that realm for over ten years and don’t plan on stopping anytime soon. BENEFITS include an instant source of nutrients, help with anti-aging, help promoting weight loss, promoting a healthy digestive system. My favorite local small business for which to grab a delicious cold-pressed juice is Salud Juice here in Long Beach on Retro Row Fourth Street.

SAGING is another holistic living practice that I do often. Sage has been used by numerous cultures long ago from Celtic druids to eventually Native American Indigenous People. The burning of sage itself for Space Clearing is not inherent to a specific culture, however, the term “smudging” should be avoided if you are a non-Native American. This is a blanket Anglo term which within itself fosters a dynamic of oppression when the dominant culture (in this case Colonial) uses their own expression for rituals that have hundreds of other Native American names and by doing this is minimizes its cultural importance. BENEFITS include cleansing of space, help with letting go of physical and emotional trauma, chakra balancing, promoting relaxation. TIP: Know where your sage comes from. Avoid places like Amazon or Anthropologie. From their vetting process to ethics, they have a long history of not doing right in this area. White sage must be ethically harvested, leaving the root so it allows for proper regeneration. The Holistic Home Company is one a handful of suppliers that I recommend.

INFRARED SAUNA treatments are by far my absolute favorite holistic practice that I have been doing for six years now. From Native American sweat lodges throughout North America down through the Mayan civilizations and across the planet to the Finnish saunas we know today, humans have benefited from the detoxifying effects of sweat produced in these sessions. I first discovered this wonderment at Sacred Roots Holistic Healing in Long Beach, a woman-owned indie small business that is near and dear to me. Recently I was referred by a friend to Perspire Sauna Studio and it’s super fancy, but very affordable. Good health = wealth.

ANIMAL THERAPY has grown to great lengths in recent years and I consider it for myself holistic medicine. Most would agree that animals, whether they be one’s pet or animals in their natural environment, bring joy and stress-relief. It has been said that pets can reduce anxiety in the owner and even heal certain ailments. I am truly an animal lover and believe they can comfort us when we need it, and also entertain us and make us laugh. My favorite funny videos are of animals doing funny things. Who wouldn’t agree? Always be kind to animals and love your pet forever and ever. The below photo was taken at Pioneertown, CA.

I wish everyone good health, prosperity and happiness! Peace and love, Tania